• Admission is granted from class 1 to class 10+2 stage.
  • Admission is granted in Art & Com. & Science Stream.
  • Admission is granted to all irrespective of the caste & creed; religion.
  • For seeking admission on the basis of S.L.C., the entire responsibility of having the S.L.C.'s Counter-signed by the Education Officer of the respective Zones will lie with the students and the parents as well.
  • The responsibility of submission of the birth certificate will, too, lie with the students and the parents as well.

Condition For Admission

  • Parents Desirous of getting their children admitted to this school should take the prospectus from the school office at the cost Rs.100/- for general information about the rules and regulation of the school.
  • The parents should get the names of their wards noted for admission test.
  • No admission will be considered valid until the prescribed admission test is passed and the charges etc paid. The amount will in no case be refunded.
  • If a pupil is withdrawan and then re-admitted, the re-admission charges are required to be paid.
  • The normal time for admission is at the beginning of the academic year besides, the directives of directorate of education are rigidly followed.
  • Children in upper classes will not be admitted without transfer certificate.
  • The admission form should be filled in very carefully giving all details asked for. The date of birth should be entered with particular care (Birth Certificate of Nagar Palika, should be enclosed alongwith admission form) particularly in case of admission in class I.
  • It is essential for the parents to inform the principal of any abnormal behavior or illness such as fits or any other serious disease. In respect of their kids please note that the school authorities will not be responsible for any type of consequences due to all these serious diseases.
  • The Principal may, at any time without assigning reason, ask parents to withdraw a child from school, if he considers it to be in the interest of the school.

General Information

It is our endeavor to provide the best possible education to the wards. To make this venture a success, the co-operation of parents is solicited. It would be appreciated if the parents take interest in their wards psrticularly regarding their studies at home.

  1. The medium of instruction is both English and Hindi. The child should speak in english as far as possible.
  2. The academic session of the school begins from the first week of april.
  3. The child must reach the school in time.
  4. Unless it is must necessary, the child should not remail absent from the school.
  5. To develop the child's personality and build confidence in, it is very necessary that the child is smartly dressed.
  6. The uniform prescribed by the school should be strictly adhered to.
  7. When sending the child to the school, it should be ascertain that the child has nominal pocket expense.
  8. The child should come to the school fully equipped with the study material.
  9. The child should do regularly whatever homework is assigned to him/her.