General Rules For Examination

  1. The students must be punctual during examination period. If anyone comes late, he/she will not be allowed to enter the examination room.
  2. All the dues must be cleared before the examination starts.
  3. The students with less than 80% attendance will not be permitted to take examination.
  4. Any child coming without school uniform shall be sent back and the school shall not be responsible for any paper missed due to this reason.
  5. Any student caught using unfair means in examination shall be awarded zero in that paper.
  6. There will be no lunch break during examination period.
  7. Grades A, B, C, D & E will be given in S.U.P.W. (Work Experience) General Report/Studies, and Health education.
  8. The minimum pass percentage for every subject is 35% in all subjects.
  9. Grades in all the examinations will be awarded as A-(Excellent) 90% to below 100%, B-(V. Good) 75% to below 90%, C-(Good) 50% to below 75%, D-(Average) 40% to below 50%.
  10. Please note that re-examination for failed condidates will not be arranged.